Stay without going to the parking meter to print a ticket

The parking fees get paid by the registered credit card.

FLOW will find the nearest carpark for you. Save time!



After completing the registration, download and print the FLOW PASS to show on your windscreen.

Download now your FLOW PASS

How it works

1. Download the app

 Download from App Store/ Play Store

2. Sign up and print your FLOW PASS

  Print and show on widescreen the FLOW PASS

3. Start parking!

No Ticket. No Cash. No Stress.

Donwload APCOA FLOW now

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FLOW is new, FLOW is innovation, FLOW saves your time. In more than 50000 car spaces all around Italy, you can comfortably park without a ticket. The payment start when you start your parking sessions directly on the app for iOS and Android, wherw you can keep under control your parking sessions in real time.

The registration is really simple and has to be done directly on the app. Fill your data and in a couple of seconds you're part of APCOA FLOW.

All you need is your e-mail address, a valid credit card for parking payments and the license plate of your vehicle.  

Registration is free. You pay only the parking session you have benefited without any addtional fees.

The cost are related only to the parking tariffs, which you can find directly on the app or at You won't find any hidden additional cost above the amount of your payments.

In all the onstreet carparks managed by APCOA Italy. We're working to enable also all oru barrier carparks.

After selecting the area in which you want to park, you just need to choose the duration of stay and start the parking session.

You just have to select the new duration of stay in your session page. By the way, the app will warn you once the session is going to expire.

When closing manually the session, you can immediatly start another session. The remaining time of your session will not be refunded.

Yes, you need to place the APCOA FLOW permit. You can download and print it by clicking here.

The payment happen when the parking session starts, directly on the credit card prompted during the registration.

No, the only discount usable are the ones reserved to APCOA FLOW users. 

Contact us at the numbers written on the fine issued by the guard and tell us that you've used APCOA FLOW. You request will be managed by one of our expert as soon as possible.